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Business Summary: AdminMed is a medical device company producing a microneedle array device (“ADMINPEN”) allowing more effective and painless injection of vaccines, medical drugs, cosmetics, and hair growth supplements. ADMINPEN has an annual worldwide addressable market of at least $16 billion.

Funding Stage: Product developed and launched

Industry: Medical Devices

Unmet Clinical and Industry Need: To increase the effectiveness of vaccines, to make vaccination painless, to deliver medical drugs in a more effective and painless way with a simple, mass-produced and inexpensive device.

Solution: The patented ADMINPEN™ device allows more effective and painless delivery of many vaccines (such as Ebola, Flu, and cancer vaccines), including particle-based vaccines, liquid medical drugs, cosmetics, and hair growth supplements uniformly into 1cm2 area of the skin. The microneedle array is formed from a metal film allowing ADMINPEN to be inexpensively manufactured using scalable mature high-volume, low-cost processes. ADMINPEN is expected to be classified by the FDA as a Class II medical device with a 510(k) regulatory approval route. ADMINPEN can be used with any standard commercially available pen with a pre-filled drug cartridge or with any standard commercially available syringe.

Target Market: ADMINPEN microneedle device is an excellent fit for painless delivery of existing and new vaccines. AdminMed will partner with manufacturers of vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs to improve the effectiveness of their products. ADMINPEN also can be used for more effective and painless delivery of pharmaceutical drugs that require frequent, at-home injections and injectable cosmetics by either doctors/nurses or patients.

Customers: The Company intends to license and market its patented delivery platform to medical device and pharmaceutical companies to increase effectiveness and improve delivery of their vaccines and medical drugs.

Business Model: The Company is currently selling AdminPen, AdminPatch, and AdminStamp microneedle array products to medical research institutions as well as to medical device and pharmaceutical companies for research use. This serves both - product marketing purpose and enables generation of pre-clinical product performance data. We intend to license our technology and products to vaccine and drug manufacturers for specific therapeutic indications. The licensing revenues would allow the company to fund the development of large-scale manufacturing of AdminPen devices as well as to develop our own AdminPen-delivered products for certain clinical indications and territories. Eventually, we expect to be acquired by a large pharmaceutical or medical device company for approximately $100 million.

Competitors: The competing microneedle technologies are either very expensive and unreliable due to the use of very expensive silicon exotic microfabrication technologies (NanoPass), or require to completely reformulate the drug or vaccine which is to be administered that leads to very long product development timelines and unclear regulatory approval pathway for competing drug-coated (Zosano & 3M) and dissolvable microneedles (Corium). None of our competitors are able to produce convex microneedle arrays required for reliable insertion of all microneedles into the flexible skin.

Competitive Advantage: We are the only company capable of producing convex hollow metal microneedle arrays required for reliable insertion of all microneedles into the flexible skin and to deliver the already approved vaccines and drugs. The patented painless ADMINPEN device is a unique and superior device allowing effective delivery of all vaccines, including particle-based and DNA vaccines, liquid drugs, or injectable cosmetics uniformly into 1 cm2 area of the skin and can be inexpensively manufactured using mature high-volume, low-cost processes, and follows the 510(k) regulatory approval route.

Competitive Advantage of ADMINPEN:
- Improves vaccine efficacy by delivering vaccine intradermally into 1 cm2 skin area to a large number of Langerhans cells.
- Convex microneedle array for reliable uniform insertion into the flexible skin.
- Painless substitute for a needle.
- Simple and intuitive operation.
- Any liquid formulations can be delivered.
- Biocompatible medical-grade materials.
- Uniform injection into 1 cm2 area of skin.
- Compatible with a standard syringe.
- Eliminates sharps hazards.
- Low-cost high-speed manufacturing.
- Delivery of nanoparticle-based medicines.
- 510(k) regulatory approval route.
- 3 Patents Granted, 2 Patents Pending.
- 30 scientific publications
- Generates revenues from microneedle products sold for research use – more than 300 customers worldwide.

Next Steps:
- Scale-up & Validate GMP manufacturing
- Perform preclinical and clinical studies
- Obtain CE Mark in EU and 510(k) in the US
- Enter into a strategic licensing agreement

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