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nanoBioSciences, LLC is developing an innovative line of novel<br /> transdermal drug delivery systems.
AdminMed / nanoBioSciences LLC is Recognized for Its Leadership in the Development of the Microneedle Array Technology
SUNNYVALE, CA — Scrip 100 selects nanoBioSciences LLC as one of the leading companies in the development of microneedle technologies. Scrip 100 is an annual guide published by the SCRIP Intelligence which is the leading source of news and strategic analysis for the global pharmaceutical industry. “Drug delivery innovations bring compliance and cost savings” by Peter Thornton explores the industry details and its future prospects. The article describes why the technology used by nanoBioSciences in the microneedles development holds a great promise. nanoBioSciences is recognized as one of the leading companies in the field.

nanoBioSciences, LLC has developed the Advanced micro-needle Patch (ADMINPATCH™) transdermal system allowing the delivery of numerous drugs including proteins and water-soluble molecules through the skin. These new drug delivery options promise to bring compliance and cost-savings.

The ADMINPATCH microneedle array painlessly and instantaneously creates an array of tiny channels in the outer surface layer of the skin using an array of advanced microneedles. These aqueous channels enable molecules that cannot normally pass through the outer skin barrier to enter the body. The ADMINPATCH system comprises a disposable single-use transdermal patch that is applied to the skin using a re-usable handheld Applicator. The Company plans to use already developed transdermal formulations which in combination with the ADMINPATCH system can achieve rapid and sustained delivery of drugs through microporated skin while providing very high levels of drug utilization over the period of patch wear.

nanoBioSciences also developed ADMINPEN™ product where the ADMINPATCH microneedle arrays are mounted on commercially available syringes or pens. ADMINPEN needle substitute should be an excellent fit for user-friendly and painless delivery of cosmetics (Botox) or pharmaceutical drugs requiring bolus injections such as parathyroid hormone, human growth hormone, and pre-meal insulin.

“At nanoBioSciences, we are committed to the development of microneedle technologies. Our goal is to provide the kind of products that would allow for a painless and inexpensive way of drug delivery,” says Dr. Vadim Yuzhakov, the CEO of nanoBioSciences LLC. The ADMINPATCH and ADMINPEN delivery systems enable controlled transdermal drug delivery without the pain of an injection or the high cost and complexity of inhaled delivery systems or electric transdermal systems, while avoiding the first-pass gastrointestinal and liver metabolism of drugs that is common with many orally administered drugs.

Two key US 7658728 and US 7785301 patents were granted by the US Patent Office. The patents cover the company’s proprietary AdminPatch® microneedle technology. The ADMINPATCH and ADMINPEN systems offer benefits that other technologies do not. They help promote vaccine / drug efficacy and safety; expand the universe of transdermal drugs; achieve new levels of patient compliance; safeguard against drug overdosing and abuse; provide cost-effective treatments; do not damage the skin structure.

About nanoBioSciences, LLC.
nanoBioSciences, LLC is a pharmaceutical drug-delivery company developing an advanced microneedle-array based pen-injector device (the “ADMINPEN™”) that painlessly and conveniently delivers therapeutic levels of pharmaceutical drugs or cosmetic actives through the skin. We specialize in providing the most user-friendly, painless, simple, effective, and inexpensive technology for delivery of various types of drugs to a patient. Our products, the AdminPen and the AdminPatch, present a new way of delivering drugs to patients that was not possible before. Currently, the AdminPen and the AdminPatch microneedle products are sold directly from our website for research purposes.
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